North Little Rock mayoral candidates go at it again in run-off election

One day after election day there is still one race that is far from over. As former candidates put their signs away for election season two others prepare to go at again. The North Little Rock mayoral race ended in a run-off late last night.

"Anytime you have four candidates running for an office the likelihood of a run off is very high," said Rep. Tracy Steele, one of the mayoral candidates.

And so it turned out that way. With two candidates taking less than ten percent of the vote. Leaving representative Tracy Steele and Joe Smith in a run-off election.

"When you run against a career politician it's a big hill to climb to catch up to him and I think we've done a great job in the last six months of getting close to being even with him," said Joe Smith, also a candidate.

Numbers show smith climbed that hill. He ended up with forty-one percent of the vote. Steele took home forty-eight percent-- not quite enough to make him the official winner but enough for a good start on this second campaign.

"We have a substantial lead going in to a run off that's always what you want and we have a motivated group of voters that I'll tell you I think they're ready to go back to the polls and vote again," said Steele.

Steele who has received significant endorsement throughout the race, also has another now in his pocket, his former opponent, Mark Clinton.

"I'm going to support Representative Steele," said Clinton.

So now both candidates pound the pavement and knock on doors hoping to get their supporters to go out and vote for them, again.

"It's all even right now so we're going to give it all we can for the next three weeks," said Smith.

We were not able to get a hold of John Parker and he has not made an announcement on whether or not he will endorse either candidate.

*You are eligible to vote even if you did not vote the first time.