North Little Rock wants to track homeless sex offenders

North Little Rock (KATV)-The city of North Little Rock passed a resolution Monday which would require sex offenders listed as homeless to check in every 30 days, in person with a law enforcement agency.

Only three out of the 210 registered sex offenders in North Little Rock are listed as homeless, but police chief Mike Davis says that's enough for the city to encourage the state to enact stricter rules.

"We would like this brought up in the next state legislative session. So hopefully that will happen then and there's a lot across the state that are homeless that are sex offenders and while we only have three right now as far as we know and that's the question. This way keep up monthly with them," Davis said.

A mother at a North Little Rock park told Channel 7 News the thought of homeless sex offenders concerned her.

"They're just walking around everywhere, you know and they could get my child just sitting outside playing. That would just scare to have someone that's not having to check in," said Michelle Groves, a mother of a 3 year-old.

But even with the resolution, she's not sure it's enough to keep track of sex offenders who aren't registering a residence with the state.

"You still don't know where they are," Groves said.