Northstar Consultants

An elderly woman ready to make her final move into a new home built on family land finds herself in a tough spot: her money has been spent and her new home is a mess.

An inspector with the Contractors Licensing Board has also visited this property at 420 Freda Road in North Little Rock.

So have electrical and HVAC inspectors and the State Fire Marshall.

All have found multiple code violations.

A "No Trespassing"sign wasn't put up to keep away criminals.

It was put up to keep away a contractor: Marcus Dupree.

"If Mr. Dupree was here todaywhat would you tell him?"

"I would just tell him that he is a sorry person," answers Madison. "He's dishonest. He's really a dishonest person."

Ms. Madison paid Dupree's Jacksonville company, Northstar Consultants, nearly $57,000 to build her a new home on North Little Rock land she has lived on for half a century.

State Fire Marshall Andy Branton has visited the property.

Branton says the roof was not applied properly.

He says the foundation isn't square or leveland neither are the walls.

There is no sub floor.

The siding was put on poorly and windows were forced in wrong.

There is a large hole on one side of the home under the eave.

A breaker panel will need to be moved.

And even something simplelike a light switchis on the wrong side of a door.

Son-in-law Todd Parsley watched completion dates of November 2nd, Thanksgiving and Christmas all come and go.

"I think I've just been taken advantage of because I'm an old lady," says Madison. "Really."

In a statement received within the past hour, Dupree says he wants to finish the project but has been barred from the property.

Dupree says the project ran out of money due to change orders and increases in material costs.

Air date: March 13th, 2013