Northstar Consultants Lose License

He was only 23 but wanted to be a licensed home builder.

So he passed a test, provided references and was approved to build homes.

But such an easy start has created a difficult road for one elderly woman.

Tonight we have a closer look at a story we first told you about in March.

The young man who appeared before the licensing board Wednesday morning is Robert Andrew Walker, known to most as Drew Walker.

And while he had nothing to do with the shoddy construction we showed you this spring, without him it wouldn't have been possible.

Not much has changed since March at the home at 420 Freda Road in North Little Rock. Floors remain un-level. The roof and windows are still on wrong. Numerous electric problems remain. Marcus DuPree is still the builder, and as far as we know, he's still broke.

One thing that has changed: Northstar Consultants is no longer a licensed contractor.

"Their license was not renewed," explains Greg Crow with the Arkansas Contractor Licensing Board. "The board had very harsh words for the representative of Northstar for the way they had acted."

Marcus DuPree may have built this home, but he couldn't have become licensed in 2008 without the help of 23 year-old Drew Walker. It was Walker who took and passed the test and it was Walker who provided three references.

His first reference, Joy Kinman, was his mom...even though Ms. Kinman checked "no" when asked if she was related to anyone with the company.

The other two references were neighbors of Walker's mother.

Three women...all on the same street...and one of them his mother...were enough to get a 23 year-old a contractor's license.

"The last names weren't the same," explains Crow. "We had no way of knowing that the references was by a mother."

So an elderly woman is out nearly $60,000 and is without a home.

And Drew Walker...who had nothing to do with the project but who helped create the learning a valuable lesson.

"You can't simply create a monster and let it go and then say you're not responsible," says Crow.

Walker has not built any homes since becoming a licensed contractor and hasn't worked with DuPree in years.

Walker currently works as a manager of a Chilli's restaurant.

Air date: July 24th, 2013

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