Not Nice Slice

Anyone who golfs knows that bad shots are part of the sport.

But there are bad shots...and then there are really bad shots.

One Little Rock woman says she is the victim of a really bad shot and wants to know what she can do about it.

And the answer is, sadly, not much.

It happens at golf courses every year...stray shots break windows on homes and vehicles.

This happened to Cathy Monk.

"And something just came across that was white and just hit my windshield and I jumped," recalls Monk. "And so what I did I turned around and went back to the golf course and I told them...I said ah...a golf ball just hit my windshield and broke it."

War Memorial Golf Course is bordered by Interstate 630 and several streets including Fair Park, University and Markham.

On Monday, Cathy Monk was traveling down Markham street when a golfer on 18 shanked a shot right into her windshield.

"If I'd have had a kid in the car it could have hit my kid or anything," says Monk. "So they need to put a net up. And then somebody needs to replace my windshield. It shouldn't have to come out of my pocket to replace it."

Unfortunately, it will.

War Memorial Golf Course is owned by the city, which enjoys immunity from lawsuits.

But even if a duffer on a private course had hit Monk's car, the course would not be responsible.

The person who hit the errant shot could pay, if he or she can be found and if he or she fesses up.

But more likely, since she has a $500 deductible, money in Cathy's pocket will pay to replace her windshield.

"That's not my fault just because I was coming down through Markham," argues Monk. "That's just not right."

One glass repair shop owner says he sees more windshields broken by pumpkins on Halloween and broken by jilted lovers than he sees broken by golf balls.

And a lawyer I visited with says if you drive by a golf course you assume some risk...just like if you park next to a baseball field.

Air date: April 24th, 2013