Note to Selfie...

The electronic age we all live in can make our lives easier. Or make it easier to find the people who choose to make our lives more difficult.

Just like some doctors, lawyers and mechanics are better than others, there are different levels of thieves too.

It is doubtful the woman you are about to meet graduated in the top of her criminal class.

Allen Engstrom's Facebook page isn't too unusual.

There is a profile pic with his spouse. A shot of the family enjoying a fun activity. And nature pics taken during Arkansas' beautiful December snowfall.

And thenthere is this. An unfamiliar black woman whose name and location remains a mystery.

But what she now possesses is clear.

She has Allen's iPad.

"I was on a flight from Phoenix to Denver," explains Engstrom. "And I left it on the plane."

And it is now in this woman's possession.

She has been taking "selfies"of pictures of herselfapparently unaware that every time she does the iCloud shares it with Allen's iPhone.

Unfortunately, Engstrom says tracking settings on his iPad like "Find my iPad" or "Photo locator" are turned off.

"The only way I can get my iPad back is if somebody knows this person and can help me find it," says Engstrom.

"And chances areslim, but possible?"

"Probably pretty slim," agrees Engstrom. "I kind of wrote it off right after I lost it so every picture I get is just kind of entertainment at this point."

Engstrom has his name and contact information engraved on the back of his iPad so if the woman who has it wanted to return it to himshe certainly could.

We are working with some Internet experts to see if a facial recognition program might help Allen find out who has his iPad.

If a happier ending develops, we will certainly let you know.

Air date: March 12th, 2013