NY Times poll shows 10 point spread in Senate race

(KATV)-A recent Talk Business/Hendrix College poll showed Sen. Mark Pryor ahead of his challenger Congressman Tom Cotton by 3 points. But a New York Times poll out Wednesday has Pryor up 10 points. Some Republicans said the poll could be flawed. According to the New York Times in the senate race, Mark Pryor is up 10 points at 46 percent and Tom Cotton at 36 percent. The Cotton campaign sent over a memo detailing why their hired pollster is disputing the NY Times results. One criticism is that 11 percent of their sample of registered voters didn't vote in the 2012 presidential election. Channel Seven's political analyst Roby Brock says polls are a mix of science and art. "I do get the sense that's not where this race is right now. I think it's a little bit tighter than that," said Brock, "They are not necessarily identifying the most likely voters to go to the polls. And some of their universe of voters are not even people registered to vote so when you look at that, you're getting some public opinion about this senate race and the governor's race, but you may not be talking to the people who are going to show up this November for the election." But, there could be room for change. The poll showed 15 percent of those polled said they've paid no attention to the 2014 election races so far and 24 percent said not much attention. "We're taking nothing for granted and mark's getting around to every corner of the state," said Erik Dorey, Pryor's deputy campaign manager. "We anticipate winning a hard-fought race this November. Arkansas voters are looking for a candidate who won't rubber-stamp President Obama's agenda of higher taxes, runaway spending, and Obamacare 95 percent of the time like Senator Pryor has done," said David Ray, Cotton campaign spokesman. In the Arkansas governor's race it showed Asa Hutchinson at 41 percent of the vote and Mike Ross at 40 percent.
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