Obama election headquarters opens in Arkansas

By Matt Johnson

LITTLE ROCK - President Barack Obama's campaign manager spoke in front of dozens of supporters at the campaign's new Arkansas headquarters that opened Tuesday.

Supporters at the North Little Rock headquarters on Broadway & Orange listened as Jim Messina, Obama's national campaign manager, reassured them President Obama was serious about Arkansas and winning re-election.

"We're going to win this we're going to have four more years to do all the changes you know we got to do," said Messina, to loud cheers.

The mood was optimistic at campaign headquarters despite Obama's struggles when trying to appeal to Arkansans. Polls show Obama is still unpopular in the state where he lost by 20 points in 2008.

That's why organizers need all the volunteers they can get before November.

"We want for Arkansas to be a blue state so we're just trying to get everyone out to be supportive," said Sheena Lewis, a local organizer for the campaign.

However, the Arkansas Republican Party says there's a reason Obama has yet to come to Arkansas as a candidate or as president.

"I think he sees the writing on the wall, if I were trying to use my resources I wouldn't be coming to Arkansas if I'm President Obama," state Republican Chairman Doyle Webb," when I have a disapproval rating of nearly 64 percent."

Webb associates Obama's low approval in the state with the more than 105,000 Arkansans without work.

President Obama has no plans yet to visit Arkansas in 2012.