Odd Bentonville cook-off gains international attention

BENTONVILLE (KATV) - Squirrel, it is what's for dinner.

The state held its first ever World Champion Squirrel Cook-Off in Bentonville.

Founder Joe Wilson said, "We have a panel of five judges, and each team is judged on their side dish and on their entree. The predominant meat for your dish has to be squirrel."

Bud Bohall was a contestant. He said, "It has its own unique taste. It's got a little rougher texture than you're used to probably normally and a little gamier taste, but it's really good."

Twenty contestants set up and made their best and most-original squirrel dishes. They had names like bacon-wrapped squirrel wings and jalapeno squirrel poppers.

Everyone was required to bring the whole squirrel and prepare it at the event.

Brothers Brandon and Blayne Estes won the competition with their squirrel sliders.

Joe Wilson hopes to have more competitors next year, because this year's event was featured on the Travel Channel.