Of Rains and Claims


More than two years after filing a claim to fix her leaking roof, a North Little Rock homeowner still has leaks...and her insurer has left her.

Cheryl Warner says the tattered blue tarp atop her home serves as a symbol of the way she feels she has been treated by her insurance company.

Warner says she had been an Allstate customer for over ten years before she filed her first claim.

In late 2011 her roof started leaking. An adjuster visited and she was told to move an old stove out of her backyard and to fix a broken window. She found the requests strange...but she complied.

Then she was cut a check for over $2,600.00 and told to use it to fix the water-damaged walls inside her home.

"Did you fix the walls?"

"Not yet," answers Warner.

"How come?"

"Because there is no sense to fix the walls if the roof is still leaking," says Warner. "You know it is still leaking in rooms of the house. If it rains heavy, water comes in."

Eighteen months after reporting her leaking roof, Allstate non-renewed Cheryl's homeowners policy.

When we attempted to contact Allstate we were referred to Michael Barry, a representative with the Insurance Information Institute in New York. Mr. Barry agreed to a phone interview after researching Ms. Warner's complaint.

"The insurer in this instance was not pleased by the fact that within a 180 day period there had been no progress at all to the best of my knowledge on repairing any of the damages," says Barry.

"'re in good hands?" asks Warner sarcastically. "I mean...this is what you allow me? I mean I've been a customer since 1999."

Warner says with a still leaking roof she has been unable to find any other insurance company willing to take her on as a customer.

She plans on filing a complaint against Allstate next week with the Arkansas Insurance Department.

Air date: January 31st, 2014