Officer-involved shooting in Little Rock

Antoine Wilbert, 27

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - A domestic dispute Tuesday night ended in an officer-involved shooting that landed a suspect in the hospital, and the suspect may not have been armed.

Two officers were called to 1 Southaven Court around 9:45 p.m. Alexis Smith told them her ex-husband, 27-year-old Antoine Wilbert, had been to her apartment and she believed he had been armed but she hadn't seen the gun because he had kept his hand wrapped in blue jean material.

One officer left and found Wilbert, who had been in a minor traffic accident. He patted Wilbert down then collected his registration and insurance information. He advised the other officer he had searched the vehicle - but not the trunk.

Wilbert told the officer he had only come to his Smith's apartment to return some keys and because she had texted him that she was worried someone was after her. She admitted to officers that she had sent the text but said she had been referring to Wilbert himself - she just didn't want to tell him because he was the one she was afraid of.

While officers tried to clear up the miscommunication separately - one with Wilbert and one with Smith - Wilbert began to take some things out of the trunk of his car because the officers were not going to let him drive it after the accident he had been involved in.

When he was setting something on the ground, the officer saw one of his hands was wrapped in a blue jean jacket and thought he may be hiding a gun.

Wilbert held his hand up and Ofc. Kyron Douchette told him to drop whatever he was holding. Douchette's partner, Ofc. Eliot Young, heard the yelling and came back out. According to police, Wilbert wouldn't drop what was in his hand and turned towards Ofc. Douchette "in a threatening manner," so Young shot him. Witnesses said he fired four times.

While both officers said they believed he was armed, as of Wednesday evening, no weapon had been found.

"No one told us if they actually visually saw a weapon," said DeWana Phillips with the Little Rock Police Department, "but everything about his indication - the citizens as well as the police officers believed him to be armed."

Wilbert was initially taken to the intensive care unit of an area hospital but has since been listed in stable condition and is expected to be okay.

Both officers were placed on administrative leave while the incident is investigated.