Officials give 6 month update from Mayflower Oil Spill

MAYFLOWER (KATV) - City and ExxonMobil officials were in Mayflower Monday to update the public on their progress since the Pegasus pipeline spill.

It's been six months since the pipeline was breeched and caused oil to spread across yards, ditches and a cove in the city.

"We want to get people back in their homes. I know a number of them have chosen to sell," said Faulkner County Judge Allen Dodson.

As it stands right now, Exxon has purchased five homes but they expect that number to change as negotiations move forward. Twelve families are in temporary housing. There are still three homes that have not been cleared for move-in because they still have oil underneath the foundations. The other 19 evacuated homes have been cleared for people to move back in.

Exxon said they know there's still a long way to go.

"Obviously, effective remediation takes time. And that's why, again, we keep stressing over and over that we will be here until the job is done. So again, there still is some work to do in the cove area and in this neighborhood," said ExxonMobil spokesperson Aaron Stryk.

Aside from the homes and the clean up, the next likely battle will be future of the pipeline. It's shut down right now, but once it's determined safe, Exxon could reopen it.

"We're looking at all options and that's pretty much all I can say at this time, is that we're weighing all options. Again, the pipeline will remain shut down because the investigation is still ongoing," Stryk said.

Officials also said they have no new information at this time as to the cause of breach of the pipeline.