UPDATE: Craiglist armed robbery happened twice at same home

An Oklahoma couple drives five hours to North Little Rock to buy a car they found on Craigslist, but returned home with no money and no car.

New information Friday told that a mirror-image crime happened earlier in February, at the same location.

Same place, same crime and a very similar craigslist posting. All four victims came to pick up a used vehicle, but instead they drove off after having guns pointed at their heads.

Now one of the victims sounds off as a future warning if you see this posting.

"It actually seemed 100% legit, the way he talked," said Armondo Martinez from Stillman, Okla.

That was one reason Martinez, along with his wife, drove the more than 300 miles to buy what they thought was a 1998 Mercedes-Benz.

Martinez told me it was in from of a North Little Rock home where the two men pointed a gun in his face and demanded all the cash.

"It seemed like nobody was there, nobody had been there, and I just thought to myself you know it was a setup," he added.

After calling 911 he told me things took another turn, learning two others were robbed in the same scenario earlier in the month.

"I was pretty upset even more after that point."

Both crimes are also linked because they happened in front of the same abandoned home on 1204 Graham Street during the daytime hours.

"A lot of people associate crimes with happening at night. Ultimately a lot of the violent crimes do happen in the evening hours or dark hours," said Sgt. Brian Dedrick with North Little Rock Police Department.

When we searched for the listing, the page came up missing and the phone number has since been disconnected. Detectives continue working to find out who's behind this scam.

"There may be limited information, you know someone out there knows something and hopefully, you know they'll give us the information that'll help us solve this case," Dedrick added.

Martinez told us he's bought and sold on Craigslist several times, but this was the first long trip he's ever made.

Going forward he advises others to meet in a very public place, and gather as many details as possible.

North Little Rock police are working to identify suspects in an armed robbery of two people from Oklahoma who came to Arkansas to buy a car from a user on Craigslist.

On Wednesday at around 1:30 pm NLRPD went to 4615 East Broadway where Armondo and Lacey Martinez of Stillwell, Okla. said two males robbed them at gunpoint.

The victims reported $3,400 in cash and two cell phones were taken during the crime on Graham Street where they went to sell the car.

They told police two black men asked them to have a light for a cigarette then forced their way into the vehicle while showing a pistol.

Police said the victims provided a local phone number from the seller during the transaction.