Old School Problem

State law requires that a car buyer be told if he or she is purchased a car with a salvaged title. But it doesn't always happen.

The bottom-line to this story is...Lovail Wilson of North Little Rock is without transportation.

Who is to blame for that...depends on who you believe.

When Lovail Wilson was looking for a car last year, she visited Old School Auto Sales on East Broadway in North Little Rock.

She bought an '04 Trailblazer and this summer decided it was time for a change.

"I found out that I was almost done paying for it so I figured I would go and get something better and I got to the car dealership to trade it in and I found out that I had a salvaged title," says Wilson.

"She says you didn't tell her it was a salvaged vehicle."

"No I didn't tell her it was a salvaged vehicle," answers Robert Henderson, owner of Old School Auto Sales.

"Why not?"

"I hadn't received the title yet," says Henderson.

"But when you bought it they didn't tell you it was salvaged?"

"No the dealer I bought it from...he didn't know probably," says Henderson. "It came out of state originally."

Robert Henderson has operated Old School Auto Sales for 13 years.

From time to time troubles with titles come up.

When this problem arose, he says he tried to make Wilson happy.

"I made an offer on it," recalls Henderson. "She owed at $2,200.00 I said well since the title is salvaged give me $500.00 and we'll pay it off. I'll knock off $1,700.00"

"And did she agree to do that?"

"She refused to do it," says Henderson. "I gave her a month...she missed a payment...and then I repossessed the car."

Since repossessing the Trailblazer, Henderson has resold it to another customer who was made aware of its salvaged title status.

Wilson says she owed less than $1,000.00 when it was repossessed. And she says she paid way more for the SUV than she would have if she had known it had been wrecked and rebuilt.

So she is suing to try and get some of that money back.

"I feel like he should give me all of my money back," says Wilson. "And I feel like, you know, since he sold the car he has the money for the car. Give me my money back and let me get some transportation that I can depend on."

Although she feels like she is entitled to more, Wilson is suing in small claims court so can only sue for $5,000.00.

Air date: August 2nd, 2013

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