Older brother searches for missing elderly man

(KATV) Jessieville - Friday marked four days since a Silver Alert was issued for a missing Garland County man. Search crews found evidence that led them to believe foul play was involved in the disappearance of 71-year old Dan Roberson. At about midnight Thursday, volunteer search crews found car documents and garden buckets that belong to Roberson. The items were near a stolen car on Main Haul Road in Jesseville.

Saturday, July 13 UPDATE: Missing man found dead, suspects in custody

Friday, searchers were spread out off Highway 7 near the command post at Main Haul Road, where Dan Roberson's personal effects were found only about 5-miles from his home.

Deputy Scott Hinojosa with the Garland County Sheriff's office says they had people on ATV's, Mountain Patrol, volunteers from various volunteer fire departments and local citizens searching.

On top of the heat, there are dirt roads and hundreds of wooded acres to cover. This land connects to the national forest.

Deputy Hinojosa explained, "It is very very thick; a lot of underbrush, a lot of growth. It is typical summer time vegetation."

Newt Roberson says, "I have seen dead dogs, I have seen everything I reckon." Four years older than his missing brother, Newt Roberson joined the search efforts. "We are going to find him. One way, somehow."

Newt built roads in the area for 28-years and knows the land but never thought he'd be using his hunting skills to find his brother and best friend. "I am afraid he is not alive, that is what I am afraid of." He adds, "I know some more places I am going to look."

Pastor Jimmie Scott says, "People who are out here doing what they're doing, we need to remember them."

Pastor Scott says relatives are watering Roberson's prized garden until he returns. It is the last thing family saw him do before he disappeared Tuesday morning.

Pastor Scott says the family appreciates everyone helping. "Hopefully he is alive. I believe in prayer."

Volunteers are prepared to return over the weekend. State police ask if you do see Roberson's 2012 silver Chevrolet SK1, don't approach it. It is evidence. The license plate is 567 JPY.

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