One suspect dies after Stuttgart shooting

STUTTGART (KATV) - An armed robbery ends tragically in Arkansas. Three people were shot, including a store clerk, and two gunmen. One of the suspects later died of his injuries. It happened at the A-Z Food Mart in Stuttgart.

"They came in and they started shooting and then he jumped behind the counter and so the guy who was at the register was trying to get him you know don't shoot us don't shoot just take the money," said Kaby Warren, a witness to the robbery.

Warren had just left church with her grandson when she decided to stop by a local store for some food. She had no idea she would soon witness a deadly robbery.

"There were more shots and so we just got down and I was thinking that this really can't be happening. I just came her to get a snack," said Warren.

The two gunman demanded cash and then started shooting at the cashier. The other clerk man wrestled with one gunman, grabbed his gun and shot both suspects.

"I was just on top of Jacob and was just praying the blood of Jesus that he would protect us and finally it was quiet," said Warren.

Kaby would get up and see the cashier and the two gunman wounded with one suspect fighting for his life. It was a tragically different ending to an incident that this store is no stranger to.

"They've broken here and robbed two other times or three other times they've broken here and robbed the place. Coming here and robbing no that don't surprise me. Going to that extreme, yeah. Normally it's a bluff thing," said Allyn Wilson, a frequent customer.

After such a tragic experience, Kaby says this is one store she will not be coming back to anytime soon.

"I'm not coming back here again," said Warren.

Police tell us the father of one of the suspects died of a massive heart attack after hearing of the robbery. Charges have not been filed yet.