One Lies, One Pays

Sometimes the Seven-On-Your-Side spotlight helps people to do the right thing.

Other times, it seems to have no affect at all.

We have an example of both.

Two weeks ago we visited a guy who builds brick mailboxes because he had left several projects incomplete.

At the time he told us one thing.but as usual, actions speak louder than words.

"Well...I'd like to get somebody to kick thecrap out of him," Rocky Yelenich of North Little Rock told us two weeks ago.

"It makes you kind of angry?"

"Ohit's worse than that," says Yelenich. "It's stealing."

"I have called and called so many times," shared neighbor Janie Althoff. "He has called me back and he gives me all kinds of excuses as to what, you know, why he has not been hereor whatever."

"I think he's a scammer," added Darwin McKinney, another North Little Rock neighbor who hired Steven Murry. "I think he's a scammer. He has visited with six or seven people in the neighborhood and started mailboxescollecting money up frontand of course never coming back."

When we asked Steven Murry about that two weeks ago, he told us he was working a couple of hotel jobs for his company, S&N Masonry, but that he hadn't forgotten his summer customers.

"By next Friday (Oct. 12th) everybody on that street that I had worked for will be done."

Despite Murry's promisehe has yet to return.

One person who has paid up is Faulkner County's Teressa Joyner-Tapp.

Facing a federal trial next monthaccused of selling poor quality hay to a Texas rancherJoyner-Tapp paid the full amount she was accused of taking this week: $6,650.00

"I was really surprised to ever get my money back but I was very happy to get my money back and I have to say that I believe the only reason I got my money back was because of Jason Pederson and Seven-On-Your-Side bringing this situation to light," victim Mike Dominy of Texas told us by phone.

Dominy also wanted to thank Lt. Matt Rice with the Faulkner County Sheriff's Department for helping with his case.

Air date: October 19th, 2012