One month after Timothy Buffington's escape from prison, his daughter speaks out

It was one month Monday since convicted murderer Timothy Buffington escaped from the state prison's Pine Bluff unit, and he still has not been found.Now, his daughter is speaking out about her father and the escape.Francis Buffington was just eight years old when her father shot and killed her mother in 1998.Timothy Buffington was 16 years into his 20-year sentence when he walked away from his work detail, armed with a shotgun.The last sighting of him was surveillance video from the day he escaped."Shock! I mean, I got the phone call and, it's like, what?" Francis Buffington described. "And you know, she had to repeat it to me. She's like, your father has escaped, have you seen him?"Francis said deputies have been patrolling her area, but she hasn't seen her father once. In fact, she said she's not even sure he's still alive, but she isn't giving up on seeing her father again."Just hoping they find him safely," Francis said. "If you could tell your dad one thing right now, what would you tell him? I love him, and to be strong." Francis Buffington said during visits with her father, he told her all he cared about any more was coming home to his kids.