One Repair, Twice the Price

Diagnosing the cause of a problem is often an inexact science. That is true whether you are talking about doctors treating patients or mechanics fixing automobiles.

But when you pay a mechanic to fix a problem and the problem still existsyour patience will be quickly tested.

Take the experience of one Conway man.

Arlis Baker was having air conditioning troublenever good during a sweltering Arkansas summer. Baker says when the first mechanic couldn't get his A.C. running right he went to another who didand now has two bills to show for it.

All Baker knew for sure was the A.C. in his car wasn't working right.

"It still cooled but it was cooling up next to the windowthe defrost area," explains Baker. "And nothing would come out the vents."

Baker took his car to Helton's garage off Harkrider Street in Conway.

Helton's determined the problem was a solenoid switch and put in a new one. The Bakers got their car back but soon realized the problem wasn't fixed but reversedcold air was blowing through the vents but not the defrost.

They took it back to Helton's but a second attempt again failed to fix the problem.

Another garage put the old solenoid switch back in and fixed the real problemthe A.C. control head unit.

"What I think that these people should do is refund all of what they charged for labor and this part," says Baker. "I think that would be the only fair way to do it. And an apology if they feel like making one."

Helton's so far is not offering an apology or a full refund.

Helton's did offer to refund the Bakers the cost of the solenoid switchor about $150 of their $375 dollar bill.

They refused the offer.

Air date: Sept. 24th, 2012