One week later, tornado cleanup continues in Vilonia

VILONIA (KATV)--One week later, the devastation has settled in for many tornado victims, but efforts to get back to normal could take months. Tonight{}we revisit a neighborhood in Vilonia, much of it looking the same, but the improvements are still noticeable. Multiple crews are piling up the debris, getting rid of the rubble that now surrounds this community, all while families try to get back to normal. "I'm just glad to be alive, my son and my husband, our petsthree cats and our dog that walked out with us," said Vilonia resident, Sherri Cunningham. Cunningham and her husband were back where there house once stood on Clover Ridge Drive. {}Since the tornado hit, luckily they have found a temporary home to move in to, with plans to get out of Vilonia. "We were here three years ago, it took our fence and patio furniture, which was nothing and this time we were spared our lives, we would just rather not be part of this," said Cunningham. This devastation hasn't stopped members of First Baptist Church of Vilonia from driving around and feeding folks four times a day. {}"We just don't hand them a box of food, we try and listen to their story because everybody has one, and even if it takes a minute to listen to what they have to say," said Lisa Lang, First Baptist Church of Vilonia member. "You can almost watch the relief go off their face so they can keep going back to what they were doing."{}