One worker fired, one resigns from Alexander Youth Services Center after verbal assault

An Alexander Youth Services Center employee is fired and another resigns over the weekend following verbal assault and allegations of physical abuse.

This is now the third incident since February.

The second employee who resigned was actually supposed to be fired but quit first.

Following this investigation, verbal assault was proven, but the Department of Human Services is still looking into the alleged physical assault.

It's the largest youth services center in Arkansas with 100 beds, but trouble is brewing and it's not just among its clients.

In February, an employee was fired after an investigation discovered a teenager was physically assaulted. A separate incident happened in April. The most recent incident happened this month involving two employees.

"In this particular situation there was both a verbal assault and there was an allegation of physical assault and that is still being investigated," said Amy Webb, DHS Communications Director.

G4S Youth Services is the company that's contracted by the state to run day-to-day operations. G4S found the verbal assault to be true, which led to the firing of one and resignation of the other.

"We're trying to determine if these were isolated incidents, or just individual employees who acted inappropriately or responded inappropriately, or if there's a larger issue," Webb added.

DHS has also asked G4S to come up with a plan of action, whether it be changing policies or re-training their staff.