One year anniversary of Samantha Olsen's death

By now, the flowers that adorn the ground where 31-year-old Samantha Olsen was killed are a normal sight to commuters in North Little Rock."It's frustrating that its been a year, and you'll read the news and they'll say, oh, there's been an incident and two days later it's solved, and then, here it is a year later and there's still nothing," said Olsen's sister April Ibarra.Not even police believed the case would go unsolved for so long."I never would have dreamed that this case wouldn't have been solved by now," said Sgt. Brian Dedrick of the North Little Rock Police Department.Initially, everyone was focused on the maroon Ford pickup truck, but today, without a suspect, police believe memories of that day are more important."We feel like that truck could be long gone. Someone else could own it, but anyone with information on where that truck went, or if that truck was painted or if that truck was sold to somebody call police," said Dedrick.The family will hold a vigil Thursday night."To pray that there is justice, and it's just to keep it fresh because it's been a year. I don't remember what I was doing at 7:20 in the afternoon. I know at 9:27 that I got a phone call that I never thought I'd get," said Ibarra.A life ended too soon, but Ibarra hopes the story isn't over yet."This is the graveyard for my sister, an intersection. She was 31. This should not have been her story," said Ibarra.Vigil starts at 7:30. North Little Rock Police have opened its 24 hour hotline. Anyone with information can call 680-8439 and speak with a detective on this case.