Ooops...Wrong House Leveled by City

Two months ago Jessie Vernon was told by the city of Little Rock to fix up the house he owns at 28th and Harrison.

He never got the chance.

A colossal mistake has derailed Mr. Vernon's home improvement plans.

He says he has received no apology, very little explanation and no compensation after a contractor hired by the city to tear down the house next doortore down his house instead.

"SeeI'm a carpenter," explains Vernon. "And I've never heard of anything like this."

Three weeks ago a one-story, three bedroom home with a one car garage occupied the lot owned by Vernon.

Vernon bought it six years ago and was planning to renovate it and turn it into a rent house.

"It was in fair condition," says Vernon about the vacant house. "It just needed some sheet rock work done on it. You knowstuff like that. Maybe some wiringplumbing. And it would be ready to go."

But the house next doorthe one with the big red sign in the windowwas targeted for destruction by the city.

Youngblood Demolition and Excavation was the low bidder for the job.

The demolition crew was to wait for a code enforcement officer before knocking down walls.

For some reason they did notand by the time the officer arrived on scene the wrong houseVernon's househad been leveled.

"I want to see them finish getting this mess out of here," says Vernon. "And pay me for my property. You knowthat is what I want to happen."

We have not from Grant Youngblood about this mistake.

Youngblood's state business license has been revoked by the Secretary of Statecausing us to wonder why the city entertained and accepted Youngblood's bid in the first place.

Air date: Sept. 5th, 2012

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