Operation "Frostbite" nets 40 suspects tied to drug crimes

OUACHITA COUNTY (KATV)--Operation"Frostbite" identifies 40 suspects connected to drug crime in and around OuachitaCounty. Severalpolice agencies including the Camden Police Department are working on thisoperation.

The operationbegan in late 2011 and has been on-going. The primary focus concentrates onalleged mid and low level dealers of illicit drugs, but also prescriptiondrugs.

Startingat 7 this morning, investigators began executing arrest and search warrants, searchingfor 40 suspects tied to dealing illicit drugs such as cocaine, meth andmarijuana.

"Previously they were involved in undercoverdrug buys, these are low to mid level dealers," said 13th JudicialDeputy Prosecuting Attorney, David Butler.

Operation"Frostbite" also targeted individuals selling controlled prescription drugs such as methadone, xanax and hydrocodone.

"Whenyou do a drug round-up what we find it's like a bunch of fire ants, we catch abunch of them," added Butler.

Mostof these suspects are involved in the delivery of controlled substances withseveral for possession and purpose to deliver, fraudulent practices to obtain acontrolled substance and possession. Charges will include use of anotherperson's property and the use of a communication device to facilitate a drugcrime.

"As longas we have drug users, we are going to have drug dealers so what happens is youput these guys out of business, but law enforcement will not be able to simplyignore it because they'll be back," said Butler.

Ofcourse all the suspects we showed in this story are presumed innocent untilproven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt in a court of law. Althoughpolice said, that many of these suspects have criminal histories and many arecurrently on active parole or probation.