Watershed gives thousands of toys and coats to needy

For several weeks now volunteers at the watershed have devoted countless hours to collect thousands of toys and jackets for local families. It's a small gesture that one struggling mother tells me makes all of the difference in the world.

"If this wasn't here I don't think a lot of people I don't think a lot of kids would have Christmas here. It would be sad," said Chrystal Richardson, a single mother of three.

People in need. It's a growing population the watershed family and resource center works to serve every year. During the holidays they do that by handing out coats and toys.

"If had to be anything to be anything for Christmas let me be warm because it plans to be cold," said Rev. Hezekiah Stewart Jr., Executive Director of the Watershed.

And although the coats are a necessity for most people who come by here. Some will wait just as long for a toy.

"There was a gentleman who waited in line for more than six hours and all he wanted a doll for his child," said Rev. Stewart.

Rev. Stewart says overall they've had a successful year with donations, something that's not so common with a struggling economy.

"So far that has been highly successful in terms of outfitting people to be warm for the winter," said Stewart.

And although a successful year is the result of hundreds of hours of work it's the gratitude on a single mother's face that makes it worth it.

"I' m cry, I'm feel good that somebody was thinking about my children besides thinking about themselves," said Richardson.

The Watershed will be giving out the toys to the children on Christmas Eve.

The Watershed still needs toys for children by the 24th. If you like to donate please send an e-mail to or or call at 501.378.0176