Owner of dog with fireworks strapped to her back found

The owner of the dog found with fireworks strapped to her back, thought to be a stray, has been found. The rat terrier was found in the Appleridge neighborhood running with fireworks strapped to its back. She was taken in by the Centerton Animal Shelter, and workers named the dog Moxy. The owner told Mayor Bill Edwards the dog's actual name is Tinkerbelle.The dog had burns to 35 percent of her body and was starving and dehydrated when she was found.Centerton police and Centerton Animal Control are working together on a joint investigation to determine what happened.Tinkerbelle is currently under veterinarian care and is expected to make a full recovery from her injuries.Other shelters assisted in helping Moxy by posting to Facebook and encouraging people to donate to the shelter for vet care through the fundraising website, Go Fund Me.