Paralyzed donkey taking steps on the road to recovery

Hot Springs (KATV) - The donkey that's learning to walk again is planned to return to its owner on Saturday after months of microcurrent treatment. Stormy is a 3-year-old donkey who suffered from paralysis in his hind legs, he was brought to Step Ahead Training Center in April where he's become what many there call a symbol of hope and a labor of love. "I've had people say, psh! Put the donkey down," said Stormy's owner Sharlyn Woody. Woody put her Stormy through a treatment called microcurrent therapy with equine therapist, Tricia Brophy. "They use this therapy in the NBA and the NFL," said Brophy. The acuscope is piece of equipment that send pulses at the same frequency the body produces to stimulate and speed up the healing process. The microcurrent therapy helped heal Stormy's damaged nerves, while Dr. Kendra Pomeroy manually adjusted his back so his brain could recognize the muscles in his hind legs. "He has real ambition to live, I don't think he ever questioned it," said Dr. Pomeroy. Stormy had developed sores near his hind legs from laying down so much which were treated by Step Ahead Farm's David Jolly. Jolly, Pomeroy and Brophy agree that part of Stormy's struggle to walk was from the sore's pain. The team of caretaker also fabricated a sling to help stormy stand, eventually stand for several hours a day. After three and half months, stormy is learning to walk. "I want to call him my million dollar donkey," Woody said with a proud smile on her face. Woody said people who knew stormy would ask her to put Stormy out of his misery, but after the treatment she says people are asking for updates on his recovery. So much so that followers have come to the Step Ahead Training Center to pray over Stormy. Story is expected to attend his welcome home party on Saturday in Hot Springs.{}