Disabled man beaten, given days to live

(KATV) A Little Rock man was pushed out of his wheelchair and stomped on. His injuries are life threatening.

The victim, 51 year old Robert Hepp has been given less than a week to live and a local disability rights organization says someone needs to be held responsible.

Robert Hepp has been a paraplegic for 20-years. He owned up to police and reportedly said he was talking about the woman behind her back.

Robert Hepp's mom spoke to Channel Seven by phone Tuesday. She says he is now in hospice care and his injuries are horrendous. He is in a lot of pain and when he is not heavily sedated, he'll talk. Robert told her he forgives the woman who hurt him. His birthday is this weekend and family members are not sure if he'll make it.

Little Rock police are investigating, but are not actively seeking the suspect.

Hepp hangs out at this home off John Barrow regularly. Neighbors tell Channel Seven that Wednesday, they heard screams and soon police arrived, but they didn't think it was serious because no one was arrested and an ambulance didn't arrive.

What they didn't know is Hepp went home thinking his injuries were minor, his mom later took him to the hospital.

The homeowner, Michael Waldrof would not go on camera but says even though no one deserves to be brutally beaten, a woman visiting felt her twin 18-month old girls lives were being threatened by Hepps behavior and she attacked him.

Police say the the victim was stomped on from his toes, to his torso and face. Internal organs had a lack of blood flow.

SeRonna Rodgers says, "It's horrific for anybody; it is particularly horrific for anybody that uses a wheelchair and is not able to defend themselves."

Rodgers with Disability Rights Center of Arkansas says many cases go unreported. "We certainly are in favor of stricter laws and inclusion in the federal law under hate crime to make sure justice prevails for people with disabilities as well."

Little Rock police tell Channel Seven a warrant has not been issued for the suspect, Katie Forte. They are still investigating and have not interviewed her yet. However if she is arrested, she could face a first-degree battery charge.