Parents of Tashara Banister seek answers in death

About 30 people marched from the Civic Center, down Main Street in Pine Bluff Monday in the Justice for Tashara rally.

Tashara Banister was killed in June of 2012 at the Simmons Bank ATM. Ryan Bishop told police Banister held him at gunpoint, took his wallet, then forced him to drive to an ATM to withdraw money. Bishop also told police they fought for the gun and he shot Banister in self defense.

Banister's parents took a petition to the prosecuting attorney's office, seeking answers on why Bishop wasn't charged in the death of their daughter. Banister's Mother, Sheila Banister, said "He said he would write us something up saying why he didn't charge Ryan Bishop in a couple of days. Why he wasn't charged and so the public would know."

The prosecutor isn't releasing any information right now, but says he will release the finding in a couple of days.