Parents shocked at where bus driver left kids

The ice and snow on Tuesday didn't only cause schools to let out early, but apparently a Clinton school bus driver had the same idea when taking kids home.

With snow and sleet dropping across Van Buren county, the Clinton School District decided to let out at noon -- some parents that let their kids ride the bus thought they would be taken straight home.

Thursday Channel 7 confirmed through the school district and parents that on two roads kids were dropped off and left.

Highway 65 through Clinton is a pretty busy thoroughfare, a place you wouldn't want kids near. However, from what we learned today 12 kids were let off a school bus at the end of roads that intersect with this highway, not even close to many of their homes.

"It's happened twice to my child in the last two years, and you know both times we've been lucky but the next time may not be as lucky," said parent Tyler Bigelow.

Bigelow said his 10 and seven-year-olds were dropped off at the highway intersection, nearly two miles from their home where the route normally ends.

The school said road conditions prevented the driver from going further.

"The driver thought the parents knew and were on their way to get them," said Clinton School District Superintendent James McGaha.

Bigelow tells us he didn't find out until his daughter called from inside the nearest house to where they were let off the bus.

"When I got the call that they were at the end of the road I mean I was shocked, upset," he added.

McGaha said a bus driver letting the kids off before reaching their home is never proper procedure.

"We would bring that child back to the bus barn, and try to contact the parents and tell them to pick them up at the bus barn," he said.

What many parents feared the most is something we learned through a closer look at the area. There are several sex offenders that live within just a few miles of the spots where the kids were let out.

McGaha said he is continuing to look into the incident, but doesn't expect any job status action against the driver. However, he wants to make sure any similar incident never happens again.