Parents want answers after boy seriously injured in school fight

(KATV) A Mayflower high schoolstudent is knocked unconscious during a fight Monday, as students looked on inthe cafeteria during lunch. The 11th grade boy was airlifted to a hospital forhis injuries.

The story is getting a lotof attention because of the apparent severity of the student's injuries. Nowparents want to know if the fight is the result of bullying.

The injured student isresting at home. Mayflower police are investigating and say both 11thgrade boys fighting could face charges.

When students returned toschool Tuesday, teachers read an official letter from the principal. They weretold the teen was airlifted as a precaution because an underlying healthcondition and extra counselors were on hand.

Officer Wesley Tyra saysthey have not concluded this to be a bullying incident. He says officers don'tget called to schools in the district often. "The schools handle 95% of alldisciplinary issues that take place at the school. Only when they rise to acertain level do we have to act legally."

Witnesses say two boys gotinto a fight during lunch, in front of their peers. It reportedly started as averbal argument and became physical. The teen fell off the stage, hit his headand lost consciousness.

Officer Tyra says they'reworking to determine who was at fault but teens could be charged. "Part of the investigationis why and how. The prosecuting attorney's office, Faulkner County will beinvolved, juvenile intake and their officers will be involved. I would expectcharges to follow this incident."

On the same day, a parentfiled a police report concerning alleged bullying. It is reportedly unrelatedto this case.

When the investigation iscomplete, the Prosecuting Attorney's office will decide whether or not to filecharges.

The school superintendent,John Gray declined to release a statement to Channel Seven. He said theattention and social media is not helping get the school back to normal.