Park Hill neighborhood ready to revitalize with new "wet" status

NORTH LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -The next step for the Park Hill neighborhood is advertising, at least accordingto the Chamber of Commerce. ChamberPresident Terry Hartwick said people are stuck in the mindset that the area isstill dry and people need to be aware that now it's wet.

It's advertising thatmight end up helping existing businesses as well, something they weren't ableto do in the past. La Salsa Restaurantin Park Hill has been serving alcohol in the dry neighborhood under a privateclub status, but it hasn't had an easy time selling the alcohol because of thetrouble patrons have to go through to get it.

"People don't like comingin and signing, they didn't feel comfortable with it if they weren't a member,"said Hartwick, commenting about another restaurant that went under in theneighborhood.

If you've never been to LaSalsa, chances are you wouldn't have even known you had the option to sellalcohol. Drink special advertisementshad to face inside the restaurant, but with the wet vote now they'll be ableto.

"Being able to advertise,be able to say 'two for one,' 'happy hour,' things that everybody does aroundour cities - to be able to do it up here in Park Hill is going to make a tremendousdifference," said Hartwick.

That tremendous differenceisn't just for the existing businesses, but those that want to set up shop inPark Hill. Hartwick mentioned theneighborhood received a $200,000 grant to help re-envision the area and he saidthat should also help with marketing their new alcohol friendliness.

"It's like anything else,build it and they will come, but also you've got to tell them that we're here,"said Hartwick.

But Hartwick mentions theneighborhood is now on an even playing field with the rest of North Little Rockand the greater Little Rock area.

"I've already had calls atthe chamber," said Hartwick. "I've hadpeople pick up the phone saying can you tell me what's up here that I mightlook at?"