Park Plaza shooting suspects, not strangers to police

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - We are learning more about the two men accused in the Park Plaza mall shooting and getting a glimpse into when they started getting into trouble with the law.

Eighteen year old Deonte Edison and 20 year old Tristan Bryant, both of Little Rock, remain in jail for the shooting death of a former coworker and seriously injuring another.

If you have been to Sbarro Pizza in the Park Plaza food court in the past year, you have likely seen both victims and both suspects. The alleged gunmen have been described as very friendly with great customer service. But between both of them, there's a stack of police reports dating back 15-years.

February 28, 2013 two men walked into Park Plaza mall 30 minutes after it closed. According to Little Rock police, they shot two Sbarro employees during a robbery. The men fled, but a victim was able to name the men. Police found them at a home off Bishop Street two-hours later.

33, that is the number of police reports Channel Seven obtained. They are just from the Little Rock Police Department; they don't have access to other department's reports.

In some, they are listed as victims in minor cases like school fights, in others they are witness in a disturbance call, but the majority of the files list Edison and Bryant as suspects.

In order to continue to keep their juvenile records sealed, Channel Seven is not giving details or saying who did what. Here is a rundo

One of the men started early. While in elementary school police were called for a student hitting and throwing objects at students. He would end up face to face with police more than 20 more times. Everything from assault and burglary to criminal mischief and terroristic threatening.

One of them was sent to alternative school and got expelled for his behavior.

In several of the reports, their parents called police to document the incident.

Since becoming an adult, 20 year old Tristan Bryant has been suspected in at least three burglaries. A report on January 11, 2013 is from his employer, Sbarro. Bryant was fired for allegedly stealing money.

Edison reportedly still worked there at the time of the shooting.

Other than the February capital murder and attempted capital murder arrest at Park Plaza mall, Edison and Bryant are listed in one information report together. On January 30, 2013, a business owner called police to report that two men were acting suspicious on Kavanaugh Boulevard. Edison and Bryant told police they thought a video game store was still behind Damgood Pies.

At the time of the Park Plaza shooting, Bryant was already scheduled to go on trial for a burglary case.

Police say both suspects are accusing the other of doing the actual shooting.