Pawn Problem

It appears a Cabot murder may be preventing people with pawned valuables from getting their stuff back.

18 months after the murder of Billy Joe Pipkin, one woman says her items pawned at his shop have yet to be returned.

Memorials to Pipkin remain on the property's fence.

And customers say their property remains locked up inside the building.

"I am not the only person who is having trouble with them since the murder," says Wilks. "The Lonoke County Sheriffs Office has a file of people who have property and they can't get it back."

Sandra Wilks had her property stolenby her son and his friends. She says they were all addicted to prescription drugs. Her son is in prison and she says the property he stole from her remains locked up too.

"I've got two saddles, I've got a chainsaw, I've got a pressure washer, I've got a Harley Davidson snap on tool box limited edition full of tools," says Wilks. "I've got a brand new watch. I've got a one carrot diamond ring. I've got a boat on a brand new boat trailer."

Wilks showed us that she has the pawn slips for her items.

"How maddening is it that your stuff is hereyou can prove it is your stuffbut you can't get it back?"

"I'm justthere are no words to describe it," says Wilks. "It makes you want to kick a wall or something like that. It just shows where these pawn shops get over on people all the time."

Clifton Collins, an attorney for the Pipkin family, says the murderers of Billy Joe Pipkin also set his pawn shop on fire and the only items belonging to Wilks that survived the blaze were two saddles and a limited edition ducks unlimited gun.

Collins says Wilks can have her items back if she pays the pawn tickets.

Air date: October 5th, 2012