Pawn Shop Problem


The elimination of pay day lenders in Arkansas has elevated the profiles of pawn shops and cash for gold businesses.

The price one Little Rock man paid to get his stuff out of pawn was kind of steep, but Bennie Richards says he didn't have much choice.

He needed some cash quick. So he went to....Quick Cash Pawn on East Broadway in North Little Rock.

When he went to get his stuff back is when the trouble started.

The tongue on this food trailer is broken. Richards claims it was broken during the month it spent at Quick Cash Pawn. But pawn shop owner Fred Jackson says the trailer was broke when Richards brought it in.

"When me and him parked wasn't in the same spot," says Richards. "When I go back it was in a different spot. So if you don't know what you're doing moving one of these trailers, it is easy to jack-knife one of them."

In exchange for pawning his trailer and a generator, Richards got $1,200.00.

Getting his stuff back a month later would cost him $1,740.00...which he paid.

What he refused to pay was the $75.00 that a welder charged to fix the tongue of the trailer.

"For me to get my generator and stuff, he said you gotta give me $75.00," recalls Richards. "I said give me a receipt. He wouldn't give me no receipt. Then I go back another time and he says give me $100.00. And then after I called the police he said no you're not gonna be getting nothing now."

Quick Cash Pawn owner Fred Jackson visited with us at length about the situation but didn't want to do an on camera interview.

He says he has known Richards for 25 years, allowed him to pay late to get his trailer back and thought he was doing Richards a favor by having a welder fix the tongue of that trailer.

Air date: January 28th, 2014