Pay Day Delayed


Those of us with five-days-a-week, salaried jobs can generally count on getting paid once every two weeks and can generally count on how much that paycheck will be.

But it is harder for a contractor to budget. One payday might have to last a month or more.

With a new baby and a sister getting married in Michigan this weekend, Jason McCraw says he couldn't wait to get paid any longer.

So he called Seven-On-Your-Side.

McCraw says he had to buy a 40 foot ladder in order to complete his part of this new construction project...the vinyl siding over the eaves and soffits.

McCraw says he finished seven days ago...but hasn't been paid.

"I've called him multiple times," says McCraw. "Called him from other people's phones. He'll answer but he won't answer my call and he just keeps putting me off."

The total bill for the job was $1,700.00.

We invited the homeowner to meet us at the property and discuss the situation.

Instead he proposed to meet McCraw at a nearby bank and pay him the remainder of what was owed.

McCraw says there is only one reason that happened.

"Because of Channel 7," says McCraw. "That'll be the only reason I get paid."

"You don't think you would have got paid if we hadn't contacted him?"

"No sir," says McCraw. "It's been a week and he's ducked and dodged me ever since."

Not surprisingly the homeowner was not happy with our involvement.

He says he planned on paying McCraw but disputes his contractor's contention that the job was totally finished.

He says he had planned on hiring McCraw to do more work for him...but not anymore.

McCraw says that is just fine with him.

Air date: January 29th, 2014