PCSSD security guard body slams two students to stop scuffle

JACKSONVILLE (KATV)--A security officer is suspended after body slamming two students at North Pulaski High School. One student suffered head and neck injuries. Two students had been fighting inside the school's gym on May 7th, while spectators recorded video of the incident showing Security Guard Daniel Ridling attempting to break up the fight. However, the method he chose is now in question. A student's cell phone captured two North Pulaski High Students fighting. One student, Stacy Cox, said the fight was about to be over, then all of a sudden, coming out of left field, Security Guard Ridling is seen body slamming both students."He just came full force and just tackled me and my head hit the court and bounced back up and like flipped over and like my nose was on my chest," said Cox. "He could of came in and just separated them, it didn't even have to go that far, they didn't even know he was cominghe blindsided them," said Cox's mother, Laura Johnson. Johnson said, she's not giving an excuse for her son fighting, but is upset with the way the security guard handled it. "I asked the principal, can y'all tell me what the heck was he thinking? And all they could tell me was damn," she added. Shortly after she took her son to the emergency room after the fight, as she noticed he may have had a concussion. According to Baptist Health hospital records, head and neck injuries along with concussion discharge instructions were noted. "All I could think of is that my son was going to be paralyzed, or have long-term effects from this because his head hit that floor so hard it made me nauseated, I was so scared," said Johnson.Neither students fighting were arrested. The security guard is not facing charges, although Cox's mother has spoken with the prosecuting attorney's office to file them. A third student, who had jumped on the security guard, stating he was trying to help his friends was arrested on a 2nd degree battery charge for allegedly punching the security guard. Cox will be graduating in the coming days from North Pulaski HS, and will be attending UAMS with a scholarship. PCSSD Spokesperson, Deb Roush, issued this statement: "The issue at the school involving the students and security guard has resulted in the discipline of several employees who were in the gym at the time. However, because this is a personnel issue, the district is limited in its comments for legal reasons. Clearly, the district and the school do everything possible to discourage students fighting in schools. Using cell phones to video is also considered a violation of policy and law. The district administration has met with some parents related to this incident, and the video has been reviewed by the district's administrative team, which believes the appropriate action has been taken."