Pennington's Campaign Account Questioned


Saline County Sheriff Bruce Pennington's personal behavior has been under the microscope.

Tonight we have a look at how he has been handling his personal finances.

Sheriff Pennington's use of his campaign finance account may not be criminal, but there is little doubt that it is questionable.

We met with Sheriff Pennington this afternoon to allow him the opportunity to explain some of the documents we have been reviewing.

Pennington has been using his county issued credit card to make personal purchases.

Apparently that is allowed in Saline County as long as the user of the card offers immediate reimbursement once the bill arrives.

But Pennington was paying for restaurant meals and hotel stays with checks written on his sheriff campaign account.

We asked him why.

"At the end of my campaign it has always been depleted," says Sheriff Pennington. "And that is the way it has to be. So I began putting my personal monies into that account and by virtue of stupidity I guess...because I didn't see where there was a problem because I wasn't loaning my campaign anything. I was just using that campaign account for my personal use, you know, not knowing there was a problem with that."

Pennington says he doesn't have another personal checking account and that is why he was using his campaign account as such.

Obviously he says he will not be doing that anymore.

Air date: September 5th, 2013