Persistence Pays

It has taken awhile... but a Seven-On-Your-Side story we first told you about near the end of last summer has finally played out in a small claims courtroom.

You haven't needed the air conditioning in your vehicle much lately...but that will soon change.

Last summer when the Baker family of Conway needed their air conditioning it failed them...despite paying to have it fixed.

The air conditioner in Arlis and Flodine Baker's car wasn't working right, they took it to Helton's Garage in Conway.

Repairs were made...but the problem remained.

Eventually a different mechanic determined that Heltons has misdiagnosed the problem. The issue was the AC control head unit and not the solenoid switch.

The Bakers didn't think they should have to pay for a repair that failed to fix the problem.

"What I think these people should do is refund all of what they charged for labor and this part," Arlis Baker told us back in September. "I think that would be the only fair way to do it. And an apology if they feel like making one."

Heltons didn't budge, so the Bakers took their complaint to small claims court.

"The judge gave us the retail price of the part and all of the court costs which came to a total of $353.50," says Flodine Baker.

Last summer we also told you about Tommy Bradberry and Absolute Landscaping.

Bradberry was taking a lot of money from customers but doing very little work in return.

Bradberry told us he had gotten in over his head, was working to get his finances in order, and would start repaying his customers in November.

Those customers have yet to get a phone call...let alone any money back...from Tommy Bradberry.

Air date: April 29th, 2013