Upcoming photo exhibit features John F Kennedy

NORTH LITTLE ROCK - This year marks 50 years since President John F. Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas. Next month, Central Arkansas residents will have the opportunity to view more than 100 rare photos illustrating the life of the 35th president.

The images will be on display in several locations throughout Argenta in North Little Rock. John Rogers, owner of Rogers Photo Archive partnered with the Argenta Arts Foundation to make the exhibit possible. Rogers says many people in this generation remember Kennedy because of his assassination. He hopes these images will focus not on the tragedy, but on the man.

"The truth is this man lived an amazing life. He did so much good for this world," Rogers said. "We selected images that don't focus on that horrible day in Dallas. It shows pictures from his youth leading up to that day."

"JFK 50 Years Later" will feature 120 photos from March 25-30 in the Argenta arts district.