Pick your health insurance plan at the State Fair

Heather Haywood

(KATV) Some families eager to learn about getting coverage from the Affordable Care Act are dealing with overloaded websites and busy phone lines. Here in Little Rock, Arkansas Health Connector is making staff available at a popular event. Where else do you have access to 400,000 people in 10 days than the State Fair? That's one major reason they partnered with the fair.

The Arkansas State Fair is much more than fun and games this year. After you enjoy a ride and grab something on a stick, you can pick a health care plan that works for your family and budget.

Kristy Taylor says, "I'm ready for my daughter to have insurance. Especially me, I have seizures real bad."

Kristy says two of her daughters have regular nose bleeds and 4-year old Kyisha has eczema. Kristy says insurance has been outside her reach. She has seizures and works when she can. "So it is really important for all of us to go to the doctor and have insurance."

Starting Friday, Arkansas Health Connector will have booths set up around the fair. You can easily find several of the tables at the Hall of Industry.

Interactive HealthCare Impact

Heather Haywood works in the Healthcare division at the Arkansas Insurance Department. She explains, "Over 500,000 Arkansans are uninsured and that is equivalent to 1 in 4 working adults."

Uninsured have until December 15 to enroll; that is if you want coverage to begin January 1st. Haywood says, "Our guides will be at the fair and they will be assisting Arkansans with enrollment, providing them information, how to access the website and they will have paper applications."

Haywood says they don't have numbers for how many Arkansans have signed up since enrollment started 10 days ago. "We are a federal partnership state so we anticipate numbers to start coming in, in early November."

Health care website gets down time for repairs

Upgrades have been made to the website because of the overwhelming technical difficulties. Six-million people across the U.S. visited the site in the first two days.

The Arkansas State Fair starts Friday, October 11.

For more information on having your insurance premiums explained to you, call Arkansas Health Connector at (855) 283-3483. Arkansas Health Connector is a free service to help explain your health insurance options.