Picking Pumpkins with the Arkansas School for the Deaf

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) - As the fog cleared Thursday morning, a sleepy ranch awakened to the sound of a bus filled with 60 kids from the Arkansas School for the Deaf.

"We're going to look and find the perfect pumpkin." signed 8-year-old Michael Montez.

Montez has standards...picking the perfect pumpkin is no walk in the park or patch.

"It's going to be a really big one. It's going to be big and orange. I don't want a little bitty one. Maybe the little kids will want a little one, but I want a big one," signed Montez.

Montez is one of many kids who live in a dorm at the school. The pumpkin search has become an annual event at J & P Ranch. Owner James Kirklin looks forward to it as much as the kids do.

"Makes me feel good to know that I'm making someone excited, to see them pick up a pumpkin and go through my hay maze and all that. It's just the excitement on their faces," said Kirklin.