Pictures revealed as LRPD searches for Waffle House shooter

LITTLE ROCK (KATV) -- There's surveillance video showing what happened and a reward on the table, but Little Rock Police still haven't been able to find out who is responsible for the March shooting of two people. On March 31 a man walked into the Waffle House on North Shackleford, firing multiple shots that hit two people inside the restaurant. This investigation continues into who is responsible, but police have hit a bit of a snag. Pictures from surveillance video shows a masked man walk into Waffle House with a gun, then fire it at a customer. "The story first went out that the victim and suspect were both inside the restaurant. The suspect then went out, retrieved a weapon then came back inside. During the course of the investigation it was determined that was not an accurate account," said Lt. Sidney Allen will LRPD. Allen said the suspect was actually never inside the business, and is seen approaching first from the parking lot before firing at his intended target. He added it's been frustrating for detectives since they have video and witnesses, but the targeted victim has not been fully cooperative amid the investigation. "When they went in they were pretty certain they would be able to get leads on who this person was because they knew the vehicle the person left in. They had enough information on the surface to make a quick arrest," he added. There's still a $2,500 reward on the table from Waffle House for information leading to an arrest and conviction in this public shooting.