Pine Bluff alderman accused of tearing down campaign signs

PINE BLUFF (KATV) - An alderman is accused of taking down the campaign signs of a mayoral candidate. Debe Hollingsworth says her signs have been taken down or simply stolen for no apparent reason.

"It saddens me that someone would do something that malicious," said Hollingsworth.

Hollingsworth has run into an unlikely opponent during her campaign for mayor. An alderman who was allegedly tearing down her campaign signs.

"For someone to come up and just take it it's very frustrating," she said.

She says she expected some to be taken down mostly because of elements. But the weather has not been that bad.

"You are going to lose a few but to lose 21 is considered out of the norm," said Hollingsworth.

Witnesses reported seeing Alderman Glen Brown senior taking down the signs as recently as last Thursday. But Hollingsworth was not the only victim.

"From those that are running for county judge all the way down to alderman to city treasurer," she said.

Hollingsworth says it is bigger than taking down her campaign signs.

"A sign can't vote," said Hollingsworth. But she can't understand why someone would go out of their way to taken them down, "It makes no sense to me and I can't even come up with a reasoning for it," she said.

The campaign signs are a little over one hundred dollars each. Hollingsworth says she has put out around $2,000 to replace them.