Pine Bluff Deaths Ruled Murder Suicide

Catherine Johnson

PRESS RELEASEMurder Suicide Confirmed by State Crime Lab

At approximately 2:30 pm on November 8th, 2010 officers of the Pine Bluff Police Department responded to 440 W. 11 Ave. in reference to a possible double homicide. Lester Thompson reported to police that his mother, Mrs. Thompson, had been in the hospital for awhile and asked that someone check on his sister Catherine Johnson. Mr. Thompson stated they had not heard from Mrs. Johnson in a few days. Mr. Thompson stated he drove to 4400 W. 11 Ave. to check on Mrs. Johnson and Rebecca Burks drove up behind him. Mr. Thompson went in the residence by the back door and stated that when he opened the door he could smell a bad odor. Mr. Thompson went to Mrs. Johnson's room and she was not in the room. He then went to his mother's room and saw Mrs. Johnson lying across the bed. Mr. Thompson came out and told Mrs. Burks to call 911.

Mrs. Burks stated that her mother was good friends with Mrs. Thompson, who owned the residence. Mrs. Thompson had asked that Mrs. Burks and her mother go check on Catherine because Mrs. Thompson had not heard from Catherine in a few days. Mrs. Thompson told Mrs. Burks that Lester Thompson had a key to the residence. Mrs. Burks reported that she pulled up just behind Lester Thompson, She observed Mr. Thompson enter the residence and came out telling her to call 911.

Officers entered the residence and a black female identified as Miracle Spicer was standing in the kitchen and was told to step outside. The officers checked the bedroom and found a black female, later identified as Catherine Johnson, lying on the bed in a bedroom and a black male, later identified as Nehemiah Thompson, lying on the floor at the end of the bed in the same room.

Blood was all over the bedroom, the hall outside the bedroom and in the bath room across from the bedroom. The residence was searched for possible suspects and other victims, none were found. A knife was lying in the living room floor and what appeared to be blood on the floor and on a chair. The glass top of the coffee table was lying in the floor. At this point a Homicide Call-Out was initiated and the crime scene released to investigators.

The remains of both persons, Mr. Thompson and Ms. Johnson, were transported to the Arkansas State Crime Lab for autopsy and to determine the manner of death. On November 31st, 2010 documentation from the State Crime Lab indicating the manner and cause of death was received.

The report on 64 Year old Ms. Catherine Johnson indicated that the Cause of Death was the result of multiple stab wounds and the Cause of Death was: Homicide.

A second report on 60 year old Mr. Nehmia Thompson indicated that the Cause of Death remained pending; however, the Manner of Death was concluded to be Suicide.

From all indications it appears that Mr. Thompson and Ms. Johnson, brother and sister, got into an argument where he fatally stabbed his sister causing Ms. Johnson death. After murdering Ms. Johnson, Mr. Thompson reportedly ingested a lethal dose of an unknown substance that killed him. The substance he ingested is undergoing toxicology testing to determine the exact substance he took.

No arrests are anticipated. This incident is ruled a Homicide & Suicide with no other parties involved.

This case is closed pending further pertinent information or evidence surfacing that may required additional investigation.