Pine Bluff group working to 'knock' out crime

Neighborhood leaders in Pine Bluff say gang problems among teens are growing, and they're fed up.

"Feet On The Ground," group continued its "365 Days of Peace," campaign Saturday.

With just a few knocks on local doors in Pine Bluff, a group of concern citizens made house calls to spread love and compassion around their city.

"Every single second, every single hour, it's worth it," said group leader John James Jr.

"Most importantly to know that I could possibly be influencing the changing of a life, there's no greater feeling."

James Jr. said he's sick of the violence in his city, and the only way for change is to get out and tell people.

"The murder rate has been high, a lot of our young people are dying," he continued.

"We're trying to stop the premature deaths, and the violent loss of life of our young people."

For some members of the group it hits closer to home, knowing friends that have lost their lives to crime. They don't want the next generation growing up around that.

"I have a lot of folks that have died on the streets that I know, and I don't want that to happen to my kids," said life-long Pine Bluff resident Crystal Jefferson. "I don't want to see that for any kids out here ya know?"

James and supporters hope the group can continue to grow, backed by city leaders and churches.

The group will continue its outreach going door-to-door every fourth Saturday and holding community rallies on the second Saturday of the month.

The next really will be at 28th & Hazel Street on February 9.