Pine Bluff Task Force Issues Stern Warning

(KATV)-A new violent crime task force in Pine Bluff met last night to speak to a panel of people involved in violent crimes. The law enforcement did not mince words when talking to the offenders and warning them not to commit crimes again.

"If you commit another offense, wherever it is, we're going to know about it and you're going to get special treatment. You're going to get special prosecution and it will be intense because again, you've been warned. You've been put on notice. Clearly, concisely. No two ways about it," said Pine Bluff Police Chief Jeff Hubanks.

Lieutenant Carl Minden of Crime Stoppers says the program is based off one in North Carolina, which warned criminals, held them accountable and it worked.

"They had a really high homicide rate, violent crime rate, they implemented this plan and got results," said Minden.

Six men were invited and four showed up. They did not have to attend, but Minden says it's a good sign they chose to go.

"Hopefully pine bluff will have success stories out of it as well. It's not to demean or put these people under any undue scrutiny, it's just you look at the facts and these are the people that have committed violent crimes and have a chance of recidivism," said Minden.

Then men are being offered assistance like free transit to work and educational help.