Pit Bull Attacks 7 Year Old Girl in Garland County

A 7 year old girl will have to undergo massive amounts of plastic surgery after a pit bull attacked her face.

It happened Tuesday night at a home near Mountain Pine. Sheriff deputies say the girl knocked on her mother's bedroom door and somehow startled the dog.

The animal then attacked the girl, biting her face. She is expected to survive. The dog has already been euthanized and the animal's remains will be tested for rabies.

This is the third time in three months a Pit Bull or Pit mix has attacked a young child in Garland county.

Officials we spoke with don't blame the animals, but claim there are a lot of poor pit bull owners out there and when the breed attacks, the consequences can be tragic.

We want to update you on a story we aired Thursday. The mother of a seven year old girl who was attacked by a pit bull says her daughter actually had 150 stitches-- not the 300 the grandmother previously told us. The mother also says the girl has no permanent nerve damage and no scheduled surgeries at this time.

The grandmother told us the animal was normally kept in a cage, but the dog's owner apparently did not know that his girlfriend's seven year old daughter was in the house.

The dog was euthanized.