Pit bull bites can be low in Arkansas but damage can be severe

LITTLE ROCK - Pit bull bites typically make up less than a third of a city's overall bite totals, despite breed specific legislation targeting the polarizing breed, according to data provided by more than a dozen animal control departments in Central Arkansas.
Only 20 percent of dog bites in 2012 involved pit bull type dogs, according to data analyzed for cities in Pulaski, Faulkner, Jefferson, and Saline Counties.
In Garland County, however, the animal control department reports that 48 percent of all bites in Hot Springs and in the county are linked to pit bull type dogs.
As violent pit bulls terrorize rural parts of Garland County, residents remain conflicted over the possibility of a coming pit bull ban. Supporters urge tougher legislation against irresponsible owners, while pit bull detractors argue the breed is too muscular and aggressive to contain.