Plane makes emergency landing on Highway

(KATV) Crawford County - Enginetrouble forced a pilot in Arkansas to make an emergency landing on a two lane highway.Monday morning, the plane had just taken off whensomething went wrong with the engine.

The single engine plane reportedly took off from a Fort Smith Airport.

The pilot was able toland safely on Highway 59, in Barling, just outside of Fort Smith.

Several men and astate trooper had to push the plane off the highway until help could arrive tofix the engine.

The pilot, fromTexas, was the only person in the plane and he was not injured. There wasn't damageto the plane.

Arkansas State Police were on the scene of the incident. The plane wasreportedly inspected by officials with the Federal Aviation Administrationafter the engine was repaired on the scene. The highway was closed briefly toallow the pilot to use it as a run way to take off.